Vocation FAQs

I’m interested in becoming a Sister, but where do I start?

You can start in several places: contact our Vocations Director, speak to your parish priest or a Sister in your area.  You may also contact the Vocations Office in your diocese.  
I have a considerable amount of debt; can I still be a Sister?
It depends on the amount and type of debt. The Sisters of St. Joseph have a different Stages of Spiritual Formation.  You may have time to eliminate your debt during the initial stages before you enter canonical novitiate. 
Is there any financial obligation for those who become Sisters?
Financial resources are not criteria for admittance.  An affiliate covers the cost of the steps required for entrance into Postulancy.  The congregation finances the various activities that are normally sponsored for Affiliates. 
How long does it take to become a Sister?
The Stages of Spiritual Formation can take five to ten years to complete from Inquirer to Initially-Professed.    
Will I receive guidance through the Spiritual Formation Process?
Along with the Vocations Director, a Sister is assigned to mentor you through the process. On-going formation of a Sister takes place throughout her religious life.
Do the Sisters of St. Joseph wear a habit?
In response to Vatican II, the Sisters of St. Joseph modified their habit.  Today, most of our Sisters wear modest contemporary attire while some wear a veil.  
Do I have to be Catholic to be a Sister?
Yes, you must be a Catholic to enter a religious congregation.  You can contact a local parish about joining the Catholic Church.
What kinds of ministry will be available to me?
The Sisters of St. Joseph are involved in ministries such as education and health care, retreat work,  religious art, architecture, counseling, parish ministries, and administration.  The spirit of our founder was that we do ‘whatever a woman is capable of doing’ for the sake of the Gospel and for the dear neighbor.
Who decides what will be my ministry?
The Sisters of St. Joseph ministries are chosen according to the needs of the Church and personal qualifications. 
I have not yet attended college and would like to do so, is this possible while going through the Spiritual Formation process?
You can attend school while going through the formation process.  
Will I live with other Sisters or will I be living on my own?
Our Sisters live in community with other Sisters.  
What is the prayer life of a Sister of St. Joseph?
The Sisters pray daily as a community.   Each Sister also finds time for personal prayer, reflection on Scriptures and silence.  We believe that time in front of the Blessed Sacrament and the Liturgy of the Eucharist are the source of our unity and the center of our apostolic religious life.  In our life of contemplation and action we become increasingly aware of living in the presence of God.
What are some resources I can use to find out more information?
The National Religious Vocation Conference is an excellent resource for discernment and vocation information and publications. Also, VISION, the annual religious vocation discernment guide published by the National Religious Vocation Conference, is an comprehensive publication that provides useful information.  The Catholic News Publishing Company produces "A Guide to Religious Ministries for Catholic Men and Women," the only comprehensive directory of Catholic men's and women's communities in the United States
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