Suppport and Contribution FAQs

Are the Sisters of St. Joseph a charitable organization? Are my donations tax deductible?

The Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Augustine (SSJ) is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. SSJ’s Federal Tax ID # is 59-6016039. Donors may deduct contributions to the Sisters as provided by the Code. We are recognized by the IRS through a group exemption granted to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB); therefore, we do not receive an IRS individual exempt letter. We are listed in the current issue of the Official Catholic Directory. We are not listed separately in the IRS Publication 78 or the EO Business Master File. Should you require document or further information, contact our Mission Advancement office at 904-824-9100 or
What if I have a question about donating to the Sisters?
If you have questions about donating, please call our Mission Advancement department at 1-904-824-9100 EST, Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. or email
Do the Sisters accept gifts of real estate or another tangible items?
Review our Gift Acceptance Policies for further information. Our policies state that certain gifts are subject to review by our Gift Acceptance Committee. After reviewing our policies, please feel free to contact our Mission Advancement office for further information or clarification at 904-824-9100 or
I would like to leave the Sisters something in my will, how do I go about this?
Doing about this is quite simple, but we recommend that you discuss this with your attorney or financial adviser. For more information, see our Gift Acceptance Policies.
I would like to mail a check to the Sisters, where do I send it?
You can mail a check to Sisters of St. Joseph, Mission Advancement Office, P.O. Box  3506, St. Augustine, FL 32085 .
Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
All gifts are acknowledged with a letter.
I plan to send a monthly donation and do not want an acknowledgment letter each month; can I not get a letter sent to me?
Yes, we can mark your file that you do not wish to receive letters for your donations.
Can I receive an end of the year report?
We only generate end-of-the-year reports for those who do not receive an acknowledgment letter and request that the report be sent to them. Contact us at 904-824-9100 or to request a report.
Once I give a donation, will I receive any other correspondence such as your newsletter?
Unless you request that no other correspondence be sent, we will add you to our quarterly newsletter mailing list.  Periodically, we may send you other forms of communication.
I stopped receiving my newsletter, how do I get back on the mailing list?
Occasionally we may remove those that have not given a gift in the previous year. Keeping our neighbors informed is important, so if you would like to be on our newsletter mailing list, contact us at 904-824-9100 or
How do I let you know that I have a new mailing address?
It is important to us that our database is maintained with current information, such as mailing addresses, so please 904-824-9100 or
How do I have my newsletter and correspondence sent to two different addresses?
Some of our donors do spend part of the year in other locations. Our database is capable of noting such and sending your correspondence to the correct address. Contact us at 904-824-9100 or to let us know your two address and the dates you will be at each.
I would like for my gift for a specific purpose, how do I do this?
There are a couple of options for designating your gift: you can note such on the memo section of your check; send a letter or note with your check indicating the designation; or by indicating such on the envelope that comes in your newsletter.
How can I make it easy on me to send a monthly donation?
You may set up monthly recurring donations by clicking  DONATE HERE
Now with electronic banking it is easier than ever to make a monthly donation. If you participate in online bill pay with your bank, you can set up a monthly payment. Once it is set up, you do not need to do anything else.  When entering the bill pay information, you will need the following:
Company: Sisters of St. Joseph
Address: Department of Mission Advancement, P.O. Box 3506, St. Augustine, FL 32085
Account Number: We do not assign account numbers, so you will not include this information.
Amount: You can determine the amount that will be deducted from you account each month or whatever frequency you prefer.
Pay Date: You can select which date of each month you would like the funds removed from your account.
You may want to contact your bank for specific instructions on using their bill pay system.
Note: The funds will not be sent electronically, we will receive your payment in the form of a check.


Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all credit cards.  Please  DONATE HERE .  Thank you and God bless you!
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