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Dr. Eric George

Search Requirement


This search requires Excel of the Microsoft Office Suite to function. If you do not have Excel, please visit our library on Tuesday or contact Eric George at for an appointment.

Step by step instructions for searching the Library Excel Workbook:

  1. Click home in the upper left, then click “Find and Select” on the upper right of the worksheet
  2. Click “find” from the drop down box
  3. Click “Options”
  4. Click the drop arrow next to “Within:” then click on “Workbook” (the default sheet)
  5. Type in search terms to the right of “Find What”
  6. Then click on “Find Next”

Additional Tips:

You can insert any author (search by last name of the author only), book title, or any phrase or key word. If we do not have a book related to your search it will inform with "We couldn’t find what you are looking for."

If you do find a result Great! Please continue to click “FIND NEXT” for additional books that meet your search criteria.

Sister Florence searching the database.
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